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My mission is to help people find their voice through meaningful conversations. I’m passionate about inspiring stories, and I’m a regular podcast guest, public speaker, and workshop leader helping others reach their potential.

I’m a firm believer that everyone’s story matters, and I strive to empower each and every one of my clients to find the courage to tell theirs. So, if you’re looking for someone to help you find your voice and speak your truth, I’m here for you.

The Compassionate Creative Episode 33

The Compassionate Creative Podcast with Charlene Dinger

Becoming the Brave Kind

How I Quit Alcohol with Danni Carr

The Brave Kind with Christy Hughes

The Kindness Podcast with Nicole J. Phillips

Beyond the Pink Cloud episode 64

Beyond the Pink Cloud with Dr. Alice Kerby

Here to Be Episode 167

Here to Be (renamed) with Meghan Sandve

Finding Self Love in Sobriety

The Recovered Life with Chelsea Anderson

The Unruffled: Episode 149

The Unruffled with Tammi Salas and Sondra Primeaux


Unapologetically U Podcast with Kim & Tara: The Brave Kind

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