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Sea Turtle Spirit Animal Sticker

Sea Turtle Spirit Animal Sticker


Designed by friend and artist Chelsea Rausch, this collection of spirit animal stickers is a deeply personal collaboration. Three of the four designs are inspired by our own tattoos, and each of the four represent elements of nature: Earth, Air, Fire and Water.


Slow and methodical, the sea turtle can remind us to be patient. The sea turtle's advantage over her tortoise cousin is that she can find agility and playfulness when in the element of Water. This vibrant sticker can serve as the perfect visual reminder of patience, ancient wisdom, and being at home in our own skin (or shell). According to the Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Guidebook, turtle energy is behind all great writers and storytellers.


Reproduction of original artwork by C.S. Rausch. These 3x3 vinyl stickers mail for FREE in the U.S. 

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