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Strong Roots, Wayward Soul-Autographed Copy

Strong Roots, Wayward Soul-Autographed Copy


Purchase your very own signed copy of Strong Roots, Wayward Soul, debut novel from author Christy Hughes. 


A story of sobriety, tenacity, and the timeless wisdom of grandmothers, Strong Roots, Wayward Soul is a raw look at the shame and defeat piled on by expectations and the triumph found when we choose to change.

Christy Hughes grew up in a bustling Texas suburb in the 1980s. The youngest grandchild in a tight-knit Christian family, she was doted on by her two loving grandmothers and learned to view life through rose-colored glasses. When intense insecurity began to grip her adolescence, her innocent, creative childhood gave way to two decades of dysfunctional relationships and a growing reliance on alcohol. Desperate for a fresh start, she headed a thousand miles west to Arizona, where the blazing desert sun would spark the fire of transformation. She was already standing at a crossroads when she received the call she had been dreading for years. Reeling from grief, her return home would finally help her find freedom from alcohol and eliminate any notion that she wasn’t born to shine.


From finding true love to letting go of dreams, changing course midlife and rediscovering spiritual practices, Christy re-examines her own journey while illuminating the similarities with her grandmothers, Polly and Gladys, many of which she never knew existed. In her search for an authentic life, she learns to honor the past while building a new future, using wisdom from these courageous and compassionate women who have guided her all along.


Praise for Strong Roots, Wayward Soul:


“A moving, heartfelt, and truly inspiring book for anyone who wants to heal in any capacity.”
-Jennifer Pastiloff, bestselling author of On Being Human


“Soul stirring...Christy's stories of navigating and overcoming hardship through the combination of courage, compassion and her grandmothers' lived experiences and wisdom, brings forth your own desire to live more kindly and bravely in the world. Get ready to feel emotionally moved and mindfully motivated to pursue your own version of creating strong roots."
-Allie Van Fossen, founder of The Journey Junkie



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