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"Because leading by example is still leading."
~Christy Hughes
Strong Roots, Wayward Soul


My name is Christy Hughes and I am passionate about tenacity. I love teaching women about courage and confidence, but those can often fizzle out. I believe "tenacity" is an underutilized yet empowering word. This trait must be unlocked in order to create follow-through on any dream or goal.

Until I stopped drinking in May 2018, I'd followed through on very little in my life. I was constantly being passed over for promotions, gaining and losing the same twenty pounds each year, and had abandoned my dream to open a gym at the risk of being "too old and too out of shape." A recommitment to my health prompted sobriety. Along with that and a career change at 40, I tapped into a trait hidden deep within me: tenacity. I'd never been described as tenacious in my life and scored ridiculously low on Angela Duckworth's "grit" scale. In the past five years, it's at the top of the list people use to describe me, as they've watched me pursue and fulfill my dreams of becoming a published author and retreat leader. 


Using my tenacious and adventurous day trip to Banff as the backdrop, I lead audiences through a humorous and harrowing tale of an unexpected climb up a snowy mountain, incorporating the lessons I learned along the way. Those lessons have informed every entrepreneurial decision I've made since 2019 and have created an unstoppable mindset that fuels me daily. 

The story resonates with so many who struggle with self-doubt and living up to self-imposed expectations regardless of any dependencies. I was inspired by the level of honesty and vulnerability.

lindsay s.

Christy’s story is an inspiration to all that progress, not perfection is the better path to realizing our dreams. Thank you for bearing your soul for the inspiration and courage for all of us to become our best selves!

nicole n.

Touched my heart in places that have long been dormant, encouraged me to look inward and challenged me to dream. 

angela h.


Let's Talk Tenacity: Why you need this unsung hero of achievement

Key Takeaways:

  • The role of naïve optimism in developing grit

  • Plan B: Be brave, be resourceful, be determined

  • Role models pave the path you will help pave for others 

  • How to find gratitude in every outcome

  • How to push past seeds of self-doubt 


  • Mentor, Big Brothers Big Sisters Tarrant County

  • Volunteer, Hamilton Community Center Meal Program

  • Author, Strong Roots, Wayward Soul

  • Nine-time podcast guest (links

  • Retreat Host, The Brave Kind Retreats at Part Time Pastures

  • YouTube Personality, Part Time Pastures

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