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lodging gallery

glamping tents

Our 13' White Duck Outdoor tents are durable and roomy. They've withstood high winds and blazing sunny days and still stand tall and proud, ready to host you on a beautiful bluff overlooking our Dexter cattle pasture.

All three tents house two cots with 5" memory foam mattresses, a lounge area, portable fan or heat, and twinkle lights to illuminate your way in the dark.

The Emma is named for Emma Tenayuca, champion of migrant pecan workers.

The Lady Bird is named for Lady Bird Johnson, champion of beautifying Texas with her wildflower programs.

The Carrie is named for Carrie Marcus, pioneer of woman-built wealth and the brains behind the Neiman-Marcus empire.


the mallard

Our 29' Fleetwood Mallard was a 20-year-old "cream puff" when we purchased it. It's had a makeover to remove the floral explosion and bring it into the 21st century with a fun cactus theme...a nod to our time living in Arizona.

The camper has a full-sized bed and futon-style couch, a small bathroom with toilet & shower, a fully functioning kitchenette and Wi-Fi.

la adelita casita

We have spent the last 18 months building out this empty 16' x 32' cabin shell. Talk about a labor of love! What we originally designed to be our own tiny home is now ready to welcome guests for a stylish stay.

La Adelita, named for the feature print by Colorado artist Dolan Geiman, is modern in its design but comfortable in its furnishings.


Two twin beds make this the perfect retreat stay or girlfriends' getaway. The kitchenette boasts a sink, mini fridge, toaster oven and Keurig. Dim the bathroom lights and melt all your stress away in the oversized soaker tub. A complete wraparound deck will make it tough to decide if you should be indoors or out!

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