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Hi! I'm Christy Hughes and I am passionate about helping others unlock new levels of courage and compassion in their lives.

Are YOU ready to level up?

Join me for a glamping retreat at our 20-acre hobby farm, Part Time Pastures. These all-inclusive weekends provide the tools and encouragement to propel you to the next step in your personal transformation.

Book me to speak to your professional women's audience or on your next podcast. My experience in forging tenacity led me from being a shy wallflower to retreat host, YouTube personality and published author. Your audience may not know how much they can accomplish when they set their mind to it, but I'm here to unlock their confidence!

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In May 2018, I stopped drinking alcohol. Sobriety reconnected me to a part of myself I'd long kept hidden in order to conform. I unearthed my authentic self, a girl who prioritized kindness but mistakenly adhered to the self-limiting belief: "nice guys finish last". 

Powered by spirituality found through yoga and recovery, I began to write a kindness blog in Summer 2019. That same year, I traveled all throughout the United States, making new friends and experiencing all the perks my destinations had to offer. I found that by sharing these experiences, I not only inspired compassion in others, I sparked courage and ignited their spirit of adventure! The Brave Kind was founded soon after. 

I've gone from a shy introvert who feared everyone else's opinion to an empowered writer with an tenacious spirit. My husband and I even spend weekends building our future homestead on twenty acres in Central Texas. I give back to my community with weekly meal delivery.

I'm here to help anyone who needs to unlock more courage and compassion. I'm on the path to creating a community of the BRAVE KIND


"Courage is the most important of all the virtues, because without courage you can't practice any other virtue consistently."

-Maya Angelou

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