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Blue Heron Spirit Animal Sticker

Blue Heron Spirit Animal Sticker


Designed by friend and artist Chelsea Rausch, this collection of spirit animal stickers is a deeply personal collaboration. Three of the four designs are inspired by our own tattoos, and each of the four represent elements of nature: Earth, Air, Fire and Water.


Representing the Air element, this graceful bird is a symbol of tranquility. Patient like the turtle but resourceful like the fox, the heron is regarded for its hunting skills. We often see them flying overhead at our land, and I'm amazed at how swift and powerful they are as they glide across the sky in search of the next pond. This gorgeous blue heron, inspired by Chelsea's tattoo, is a visual reminder to stay poised and focused on your goals.  


Reproduction of original artwork by C.S. Rausch. These 3x3 vinyl stickers mail for FREE in the U.S. 

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