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The Brave Kind Course

The Brave Kind Course


Are you afraid to raise your hand in any group setting out of embarrassment or crippling social anxiety?


Do you dream big in your mind but allow fear to paralyze you from pursuing your purpose?


Do you operate by the Golden Rule but sometimes feel like a doormat? 


Do you believe "nice guys finish last"?


I firmly believe that bravery teaches us self-respect and kindness is how we show respect others. If you are looking for new ways to infuse bravery and kindness into your life, you are in the right place! Through six thoughtfully crafted modules, we'll explore what life could look like outside of your comfort zone while sprinkling kindness every step of the way.


The first three sessions are centered on bravery, including:

  • Developing a safety net or support system
  • Examining the fears that hold you back
  • Taking baby steps to build confidence


The last three sessions explore kindness toward others and ourselves, including:

  • An exploration of ingrained self-limiting beliefs
  • The joys of giving back to the community
  • Methods to recharge through self-care 


Are you ready for positive changes in your life?


Once you enroll, you will receive access to all six videos and handouts via a private Google Drive link. You can work at your own pace or complete each suggested assignment weekly as the course was originally designed. 


The curriculum consists of:

  • Weekly 30 minute video modules
  • Weekly suggested assignment & resource sheet
  • Ongoing support from Christy and The Brave Kind community 


This course is a way to foster more courage and compassion in your daily life, with tiny suggestions which can lead to big transformation! 

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